Thimble River FAQ


What does Thimble River Analytics do?

It measures on a campaign-by-campaign basis how effective your marketing programs are at motivating a prospect to pick up the phone and speak with a local reseller or healthcare specialist. By measuring how many calls were answered, how long it took for the call to be answered, and how long each conversation lasted, the system also provides valuable information into the quality of service being provided at the point of sale.

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What are the business benefits?

  • Allows you to measure the conversion activity of your best prospects and use that insight to fine-tune your marketing efforts.
  • Allows you to see how well your channel partners are fielding inbound calls, provides insight into strengths/gaps in practice management.
  • Provides hard conversion metrics that can be used to create fact-based pricing strategy for PPC marketing programs.

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Does it require us to replace the physician locator currently on our website?

No, Thimble River is a complementary tool that works in concert with any existing locator tool

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Can we integrate Thimble River with our current database of resellers or practices that is in our CRM (ERP, etc) system?

Yes, the application has been designed to integrate with external systems such as CRM, ERP, and Sales force automation applications

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Competitive Overview

Our web logs already tell us how many people are visiting our physician locator, why do I need something else?

Web logs tells you who is looking at your locator, NOT who is taking action by picking up the phone and calling a local physician

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We have a form on our site that allows prospects to send an email to a local doctor, and it also allows us to measure conversion activity

Tracking web forms is great and useful, but it is not the intimate, patient-to-healthcare professional conversation that many people want to have when they are talking about matters of their health

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We have a click-to-call feature on our website that connects the person on the website directly with the counselor in the office and also allows us to track conversion.

Click-to-call requires the prospect to enter their phone number into a field and then wait for the system to call them back. The disadvantages are that it requires them to deviate from the simple, well understood task of dialing a phone and having a conversation. The prospect is doing extra work just to make the call measurable and this turns lots of prospects away.

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We track conversion by measuring how many prospects click through to the physicians own website

That is useful information, but it is only a measure of more in-depth “Awareness” activity; it is still not a measure of active product Consideration.

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This sounds great, but we are not going to do any DTC for another six months.

Then we should be talking now because we recommend using the tool in advance to establish a baseline level of organic call-thru activity.

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How long does it take to get the system set up?

Set-up will take no more than 3 weeks

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If we are going to run a campaign that generates lots of new traffic, how long will it take to increase the number of simultaneous users that the system can handle

We can increase the number of simultaneous users with 2 days advance notice

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