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Bausch & Lomb

Bausch & Lomb

Thimble River Analytics has been a crucial piece in measuring the success of our direct to consumer advertising campaign. The capabilities of Thimble River fill in the missing gaps of our data collection to allow us to track not just the traffic that comes into our website or 877 number but how many people actually take the call to action and contact a doctor’s office. This information is vital to us and to the surgeons practices.

Amy Jacobs, Global Director Marketing, Bausch & Lomb

Acclarent, Inc.


Colin and his software, Thimble River Analytics, have been an integral part of our marketing success at Acclarent over the last two years. The insight we gathered from Thimble River was crucial in allowing us to refine our DTP tactics and prove ROI in a concrete, data-driven fashion. Colin and his team are professional and fast, with a deep body of knowledge about Direct to Patient healthcare marketing. If you are involved in direct response life science marketing, take some time to see Thimble River in action--- it's technology that every marketer should have in their toolkit.

Jennifer Barnard, Senior Manager, Global Consumer Marketing Acclarent, Inc. (A division of J&J Ethicon)

Medical Minds Healthcare Communication

Medical Minds Healthcare Communications

At Medical Minds we pride ourselves on being accountable to our's not enough to speculate about the impact of our programs, we develop metrics and data to prove it. It is for this reason that we value our relationship with Thimble River.

Using the Thimble River platform, we have been able to track the efficacy of our programs on a campaign-by-campaign basis, fine tuning the messaging and media to return optimal results and significantly reducing the cost per individual response. I consider the partnership with Colin and his team a unique competitive differentiator for Medical Minds that helps us win new clients and increase the value we bring to existing ones. In summation, this is a break-through product for medical marketers who are looking to maximize the ROI for their programs!

Lynn Nye, Owner, Medical Minds Healthcare Communications