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Core Team

Colin Cook, CEO

Colin founded Thimble River Analytics as a spin off of Shepard Associates ( , a management consulting and internet marketing firm serving the Life Science sector. In the process of designing direct to consumer campaigns for medical device and biotech companies, he was bothered by the fact that there was a structural intelligence gap in most DTC campaigns: web analytics could tell you how many people went to a physician locator tool, but they couldn’t tell you if any one picked up the phone and made a call or how long that call lasted. To answer this question he designed Thimble River Analytics, and recruited wonderful, smart guys like Joe and Douglas to help him build the application and bring it to market.

Joe Garma, Director of Marketing Strategy

Joe advises Shepard Associates, Inc. and its subsidiaries, Thimble River and DanceCard on matters related to strategic partners, sales and marketing. For over 20 years, he has worked in the energy, financial services and software/Internet industries running corporate development, sales and marketing departments. Formerly Joe was the Vice President of Business Development at Capital Alliance Advisors, Inc., a fixed-income fund manager, where he is responsible for deal structuring, raising investment capital and for overall marketing. At Utopia Technology, Inc., a CRM applications vendor, Joe built and managed the marketing, business development, direct sales and channel operations. He also was the a Managing Director for investment banker JCM Financial, and a Vice President and National Marketing Director of Lehman Brothers' Real Estate Investment Banking Division. Along with Shepard, Joe is a Board Advisor to Pro Health, Inc., Financial Navigator, Inc. and Whirl Energy, Inc.

Douglas Grillet, Chief Software Architect

Douglas Grillet is the chief software architect for Thimble River Analytics. His background includes advanced telephony application architecture, network security, and high availability system configuration and testing. Douglas’s ability to blend insight into human behavior with advanced software architecture skills makes him the idea lead for user-friendly application development.

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